Part number

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Acronyms/​initialisms: P/NCategory: Documentation, labelling & manualsOrigin: Official

Aka/also known as: part no., manufacturing part number, shippable manufacturing unit (SMU) number

A part number is a code assigned to a specific part, product or entire system. For IBM and family keyboards, it's used to denote a single orderable unit typically distinguished by its combination of language and layout, intended host system or standalone sale and branding. The keyboard's internal assembly, specific components like its frame or controller card, its keycap set, its cable and its original packaging may also have their own part numbers. In the 1960s and prior, IBM part numbers were typically 6 numbers. From the 1970s onwards, IBM and family part numbers typically have 7 numeric-only or alphanumeric characters. More recently, 10 (Lenovo) and 11 (TGCS) character part numbers are now in use.


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