ISO enter key

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Aka/also known as: tall enter key

The ISO-style enter, return or field exit key is one that is shaped like an upside-down backwards-L and usually with a head that is 1.5 units wide, a body that is 1.25 units wide and is overall 2 units tall. It is used by the ABNT2, ISO and JIS physical layouts and is thus common for standard PC keyboards destined for EMEA, South America, Japan, and Canada (bilingual). For IBM and family, a key similar to it emerged by 1964 on the IBM 029 Card Punch Keyboard and was used for subsequent IBM keypunch keyboards and various terminal keyboards. In the '80s, it was notably adopted by IBM Converged Keyboards before becoming popularised by the Enhanced layout as the main international (relative to the USA) counterpart to the ANSI-style enter key.


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