Controller card

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Aka/also known as: logic card

A controller card is a dedicated PCB that has electronics used for sensing key-strokes and reporting them to the host computer. Typically, a controller card has a microcontroller (which is where the name is derived from), connectors for the medium in which the key-switches are sensed (another PCB, membrane assembly, etc.), connector for a cable for the host computer (whether it's accessible from inside or outside the keyboard), and any other components needed for power regulation, signal quality control, ballasts for possible LEDs, etc. "Logic card" is a term used interchangeably with controller card, but it can additionally refer to PCBs that don't have a dedicated microcontroller - for example, the IBM 5291/5292 Display Station Keyboard Unit has a PCB that only sports components needed for capacitance sensing that the host terminal has to operate remotely.


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