Tsangan bottom row

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Category: LayoutsOrigin: Community

Aka/also known as: "Unicomp 103" style

A keyboard with a "Tsangan" bottom row has 1.5-unit sized Ctrl and Alt keys separated by 1-unit GUI keys and a 7-unit spacebar. It's based on the Enhanced layout bottom row but with the spaces filled in. Unicomp refers to this bottom row as "103" style (which refers to a 101-key US English ANSI layout keyboard with the two extra GUI keys). It's not to be confused with the Tsangan layout in general, which has this bottom row but also has other traits that diverge from Enhanced's ANSI and ISO layouts. They're named after a geekhack community member who liked this style of bottom row and had several modifier keycap adapter kits named after them.


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