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The TrackPoint is a family of strain gauge pointing sticks introduced by IBM in 1992 with the IBM ThinkPad 700 series. TrackPoint II was the first implementation in the traditional stick format, with the original TrackPoint being an unrelated convertible trackball/ball mouse for the IBM PS/2 L40SX laptop from 1991. TrackPoint is considered a staple feature of ThinkPad laptops and keyboard products. TrackPoint II was followed by III in 1994 which added a negative inertia firmware feature to improve cursor reaction speed, and IV in 1997 which allowed for a possible third mouse button and press-to-select feature. Lenovo has continued using TrackPoint IV since purchasing IBM Personal Computing Division in 2005 and has introduced increasingly lower-profile versions of it. TrackPoints iconically uses a red protective/grip cover as its cap.


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