Personal Systems

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Acronyms/​initialisms: PSCategory: Documentation, labelling & manualsOrigin: Official

"Personal Systems" refers to a group of IBM PCs with similar branding, originating with the IBM Personal System/2 (PS/2) series in 1987. It ultimately also includes PS/1, PS/2 Note, PS/55, PS/55note, PS/note, and PS/ValuePoint. If something is said to be compatible with IBM "Personal Systems", it's likely compatible with most of these. Additionally, if a keyboard or mouse is said to be compatible with IBM "Personal Systems", it likely uses PS/2 connectivity. For example, some IBM Enhanced Keyboard variants' names may be suffixed with "PS Style" to indicate it uses PS/2 (6-pin Mini-DIN) plugs and to contrast it with "AT Style" keyboards with 5-pin DIN plugs.


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