Pre-Model B Keyboards

This website is usually dedicated to IBM's established keyboard families (Models B, F, M, ThinkPad, etc). Despite this, there is an entire dimension of pre-Model B keyboards that could be explored, but due to time constraints, I'm currently not focusing on researching them. However, since they're still interesting and wondrous pieces of technology, find below an overview of some of these mostly Selectric-based input devices that hopefully I can visit and expand my database to include them in the future.

IBM 1052

Photo of IBM 1052
By ComputerGeek7066 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The IBM 1052 was a Selectric typewriter based printer-keyboard for the IBM 1050 Data Communications System. Introduced in 1963, IBM 1050 terminals could interface other 1050s or 1400, 7000 or System/360 computers or mainframes

IBM 1816

Photo of IBM 1816
By Heikkonen

The IBM 1816 was a Selectric typewriter based printer-keyboard for the IBM 1800 Data Acquisition and Control System. The IBM 1800 was introduced on 30th November 1964 and was described as "a computer that can monitor an assembly line, control a steel-making process or analyze the precise status of a missile during test firing."