Keyboard Sites & pages

This is a list of all the websites and webpages that I have discovered and believe to be interesting, entertaining, a good or reputable source of information, or a community any keyboard enthusiast would be happy to get involved in. Of course, I am ultimately not responsible for any information from these websites.

Thomas Ran (aka, chyros) is a Dutch keyboard YouTuber and both geekhack and deskthority user who frequently covers vintage hardware such as Alps SCKL/SKCM, beam springs, and buckling springs based keyboards. He is known for his in-depth reviews, switch teardowns, comedic gags, and brutal verbal destructions of poor-quality keyboards.
ClickyKeyboards is an American bolt-modder, restorer and seller of IBM Model M and occasionally Model F keyboards. Being around since 2004, the website is also host to lots of technical and archival information regarding Model Ms.
deskthority is an active mechanical keyboard forum, usually leaning towards vintage 'mechanical' and non-mainstream keyboards.
eTypewriters is a seller of IBM typewriters and hosts photos of most major IBM typewriters from 1930 to 1993.
Miguel Farah (aka, depletedvespene) is a Chilean deskthority user who was written several in-depth and insightful articles regarding keyboard layouts and keycaps.
A 1990 video demonstrating early pointing stick technologies, including prototypes of the future IBM TrackPoint and J-mice later used by other companies.
A description of the IBM 6094-020 LPFK and its serial-based protocol by Michael B. Brutman.
A video demonstrating the assembly process for a Model F/XT keyboard in the IBM UK plant circa 1983/1984, complete with a run-down of all the IBM systems involved in the operation.
ibmfiles hosts a wide range of information regarding IBM products including keyboards. It is presently the main source of background information on the IBM ThinkPad UltraNav SK-8835 and SK-8845 keyboards.
InterAccel can provide QuakeLive-like mouse acceleration across the entirety of Windows and can be used to boost the performance of older TrackPoint implementations.
Eric's Tech 22-minute interview with Unicomp's Vice President of Development Don Bowman.
kbdbabel hosts an open-source keyboard protocol translator project, featuring many vintage keyboard connector diagrams and schematics useful for personal projects.
The Keyboard Layout Editor is a web app that allows you to visualise keyboard layouts with a high degree of customisation. A number of presets are available to get you started, and you can save your work to a GitHub account for future editing and save them as an image file if you want to use your layout elsewhere.
Describes and visualises the 200+ keyboard layouts available on Microsoft Windows.
kishy is a Canadian retro-computing enthusiast widely known for introducing the IBM 4704 Model F keyboards to the vintage keyboard community and is the namesake of "kishsaver".
Model F Labs is an ongoing crowdfunded project to faithfully recreate and sell the Model 200 and Model 300 keyboards from the IBM 4700 Finance Communication System's 4704 terminal. Ran by Joe Strandberg, aka, deskthority user Ellipse, their F62 and F77 keyboards are the first Model F capacitive buckling springs keyboards to be produced since 1996.
r/ModelM is a fast-growing subreddit specifically for vintage IBM keyboards. Content includes unboxings, reviews, how-to guides, Imgur photo albums, photo contests, and more.
This is the original geekhack thread providing information, documentation and download links for Soarer's Converter, the widely-used USB converter for XT, AT and terminal keyboards by geekhack and deskthority user Soarer.
The BucklingSpring is a website ran by German deskthority user darkcruix that predominantly hosts the Model F Technical Manual Project, a self-written technical manual for capacitive buckling springs keyboards in the style of a classic IBM manual.