IBM 3101/7485 ASCII Display Terminal Keyboard

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daedalus (permission requested and given)
1984 Q3Model F 3101/7485 Terminal KeyboardIBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/N 8323237

IBM-made 87-key ASCII keyboard for the IBM 3101 ASCII Display Terminal and IBM 7485 Display Station (which itself was an RPQ variant of 3101). This keyboard was a low-profile replacement for the original IBM Model B based IBM 3101 ASCII Display Terminal Keyboard that started shipping with 3101 and 7485 orders after 17th August 1984. The keyboard itself is based on the IBM 3104/3178 Typewriter Base Keyboard (31XX-87 type Model F) design but lacks its blue case-toggle switch and now features many DIP switches under a door above the keys.


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