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Admiral Shark's Keyboards is my passion project to research, review and preserve information on IBM, Lexmark, Unicomp, Toshiba Retail and Lenovo keyboards for desktop PCs, ThinkPads, point of sale machines, mainframes and terminals. The main features are the queryable keyboard part number database, wiki, research and review articles, guides, and technical and factual resource collections for those interested in IBM and family keyboards and machines.

But, it didn't start off that way. Let me be frank - this was purely a project for me to test my technical skills with PHP and MySQL. I decided on the topic of IBM and family since that was my biggest emerging interest at the time, and my keyboard collection was used as a scenario to test a PHP library I am developing to help speed up the development of websites. Eventually, I realised there is a lack of centralised information for IBM keyboards and nothing really satisfied my love of nuance and discovery, so I've decided to take the project somewhat seriously from November 2019 onwards. Maybe I'll even make a half-decent web design in the future...

Things started to take off in early 2020 and I decided to make this project a large part of my free time. My current goals include building the largest repository of per-part number specs of IBM keyboards, authoring articles on interesting topics to further keyboard science and help educate others, creating tools and galleries for identifying keyboards, creating helpful diagrams and connection pinouts, and writing modding guides such as internal Soarer's conversions for different IBM keyboards.


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As the above should insinuate, I'm a programmer of course.

I'm just a guy in his twenties from Wales, a little but beautiful part of the UK where valleys and sheep dominate the landscape. I'm a qualified computer games developer currently studying for a Master of Science by Research in Computer Science. I spend my time playing around with the Unity game engine, .NET Framework (C#/WPF), TBB, and full-stack web development for Linux with PHP and MySQL. My specialisations are physics programming and visualisation.

When I'm not working or playing around with my IBM gadgets, I'm typically enjoying an episode of Star Trek or Stargate along with a bottle of violet gin and lemonade, watching my favourite YouTubers surrounding tech and electronics, reading about space exploration and naval history, or rocking out to Metallica!

You can also find me on several 'keyboarding' outlets, including the forums deskthority and geekhack and the subreddit r/ModelM. I moderate the r/ModelM subreddit and Discord, so feel free to pay a visit and say hey!

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Admiral Shark's Keyboards strives to ensure that all information hosted on this website is as correct as possible, but because I am not an IBM, Lexmark, Unicomp, Lenovo, Toshiba etc. employee, I cannot absolutely ensure the accuracy of any piece of supposedly factual information considering such information can be based on assumptions and guesswork or can be derived from secondary sources in what is believed to be public domain. For the latter, information could be inaccurate due to human error, vandalism of sources, or speculation. If you find any piece of information that you feel is blatantly wrong or misleading, feel free to contact me to discuss the issue and possible resolutions.


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