Shark's Keyboard Wiki (Preview)

Shark's Keyboard Wiki is my own personal wiki-style database on IBM and family keyboards, their history, the technology they employ, and the companies themselves. Development of the wiki is still in its infancy, thus the structure and quality of the wiki are subject to change. My original text and images are available under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 terms. Third-party sources used may have their own terms are stated at the bottom of each page - if for a given photo they are absent, assume you require the owner's consent to use that material.


A large collection of IBM and family keyboards under a common designation or related design


An individual IBM and family keyboard or keypad and perhaps very closely related variants or possible configurations


An IBM and family company or division responsible for designing or manufacturing IBM and family keyboards


A key-switch technology employed by an IBM and family company human input device

Related technologies

A technology related to IBM and family human input devices