IBM 4704 Display Station Model 300 Expanded Alphameric Keyboard

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Ellipse @ (permission requested and given)
1982 Q4Model F 4704 Model 300 Expanded Alphameric Keyboard (4704-300)IBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

Aka, "Model F77"

eg, P/Ns 6019303, 6019338, 6019343, 6019345, 6019347, 6019348, 6019353, 6019356

IBM-made 77-key typewriter-style keyboard for IBM 4704 Model 1, 2 and 3 Display Terminals, components of the IBM 4700 Finance Communication System. This keyboard is an expanded version of the 62-key IBM 4704-200 Alphameric Keyboard with 15 extra relegendable keys for tailored alphabetic input or programmed functions. Like its smaller sibling, this keyboard was intended for personal consultants and administrative personnel. The keyboard's cover is made of zinc and has a volume-adjustable buzzer on the bottom intended to provide an audible alarm to the user on certain system and application program conditions.


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