P/N 46W6729

IBM Keyboard with Integrated Pointing Device USB

Market Model Name/Feature Code
Model M6-1/ThinkPad Keyboard with TrackPoint
IBM ThinkPad scissor-stabilised rubber domes (LITE-ON variant)
Earliest Appearance
2013 Q3
Casing Colour
Generic IBM logo, Old Lenovo logo
Dual-setting flip-out feet
HID over USB
Norwegian 155
Built-In Mouse
Synaptics TouchStyk
Additional Notes
Has an integrated two-port USB hub, known to be a part of the IBM (later Lenovo) 1U 18.5-Inch Standard Media Console Kit with feature code A50Z

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Variant of a Model M6-1/ThinkPad Keyboard with TrackPoint
Variant of a Model M6-1/ThinkPad Keyboard with TrackPoint

The Model M6-1 was the TrackPoint equipped variant of the Model M6 used throughout the mid-'90s as the standard ThinkPad keyboard. The quality and utility of the Model M6-1 were regarded as a significant factor in the ThinkPad's market success. Whilst initially produced by Lexmark and Key Tronic as a buckling sleeves keyboard, the Model M6-1 was later substituted by scissor-stabilised rubber dome assemblies produced by Acer, Alps, LITE-ON and NMB. These Model M6-1s mostly came with TrackPoint II or III sticks, with some later ones receiving TrackPoint IV with a dedicated scroll button.