P/N 66G8363

IBM 5576-C01 TrackPoint II Japanese Keyboard

Model M SpaceSaver TrackPoint II Keyboard
IBM Canada
IBM membrane buckling springs
Earliest Appearance
1994 Q1
Original Keycaps
PBT with dye-sublimated legends
Casing Colour
Beige/Off White
IBM grey oval badge
Set 2/AT
Grey coiled fixed PS/2
Key Count
Form Factor
Japanese JIS
Built-In Mouse
TrackPoint II
Additional Notes
Has an ABS case that will yellow with heat/UV exposure and is prone to cracking
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Variant of a Model M SpaceSaver TrackPoint II Keyboard

The IBM 5576-C01 Keyboard was a unique compact-profile full-sized Model M offshoot featuring an integrated TrackPoint II pointing stick. It was specifically designed for use with the IBM PS/55E, an all-in-one PC exclusively sold in Japan. The 5576-C01 has the unique distinction of being amongst the relatively few Japanese IBM keyboards that weren't made by Alps Electric or Brother and the only buckling springs Japanese keyboard that doesn't use Brother buckling springs. These however use modified buckling springs that are said to feel slightly different to other Model Ms. The most unique feature with these is the large rotating vertical stand that allows you to park the keyboards upwards on its back wall. They could also come in proprietary combined signal PS/2-like cable or a more standard Y-split keyboard and mouse PS/2 cable. It is a candidate for the last IBM-sanctioned buckling springs keyboard design and its moulds were later used to produce the Unicomp EnduraPro/SpaceSaver family.