Keyboard Part Number Database P/N Submission

As I am only one man trying to build an extensive Keyboard Part Number Database, it is inevitable that I might have missed out a lot of keyboard part numbers. As such, if you notice one or more keyboards missing from the database and you have some free time, it would be much appreciated if you could help out by filling out this form to bring it to my attention!


  1. Part numbers are usually found printed on a sticker on the back of the device. If no sticker exists, use the original box's part number if retained or in the case of beam spring keyboards use the cable tag's part number or in the case of Model Fs use the internal assembly's part number. Internal assembly part numbers for Model Ms are not accepted.
  2. The FRU number is also usually found printed on a sticker on the back of device, although the utilisation of FRU numbers was not common until the '90s, so don't expect to find one on '70s or '80s IBM and family keyboards.
  3. A date stamp is also usually found printed on a sticker on the back of device, however, like a part number it may also be found internally, as a tag on the cable (in the case of beam spring keyboards) or on the original box. If multiple different dates are found, list them all and please label where they came from. Only use the date stamps printed directly on circuit boards and chips if no other dates were found (since those components could be made well in advance of the original assembly's production date).
  4. The original company that produced this part number. If you know the specific factory (for example, IBM Scotland/Greenock), then please include that as well. The company that made the keyboard is also usually found printed on a sticker on the back of device.
  5. Just a brief run-down of the keyboard. Especially of importance are the colour, shape and text of any branding/logos and what physical connectors were used. Feel free note the dimensions and weight of the keyboard as well, although, this is optional.
  6. One or more links to pages where I can find photos of the keyboard on. If you provide a link to a source other than the ones listed, your submission will immediately be deleted on the grounds of online safety unless you've talked to me prior and I've given you permission to use a different website.
  7. If you want to allow me to contact you in case I need to ask questions such as clarifications for certain details, you can enter your Reddit or Discord username here. If not, you can leave this blank for an anonymous submission.