Keyboard Icon Wallpaper Generator Update Log

* Updated in line with internal database structure changes.
* Added the first two of several IBM LPFK keypads icons. They've been given their own option in the "Specific type" drop-down box.
* The long-awaited custom icon selection option is finally here! It is accessible via selecting the appropriate option in the "Specific type" drop-down box. When selected, a new option will appear next to it, and clicking it will bring up a pop-out box where you can select the specific icons you want. You can also save and load selection files (.shark) so you can recover your last selection next time you visit the site. Just don't try modifying the files themselves - they are in a compressed format and self-modification with a plain-text editor will corrupt them!
* The background colour picker is now hidden by default to avoid confusion. To activate it, you must select the "Custom colour" option as your solid background.
* Added Acer KB-101A and KB-102A keyboard icons.
* Fixed single pixel issue with Model M-e monitor-mounted keypad icon.
* Fixed return/enter keys for Apples M0110 (ISO), M0118 and AEK2 (ISO) and Dells AT102 and AT102W keyboard icons. Their ISO return/enter keys were incorrectly represented as stepped keys.
* Fixed issues with both ANSI and ISO Apple AEK2 keyboard icons. The unit sizes of the right-most and left-most keycaps on their respective alphanumeric blocks were 0.25u too small.
* Added a number of IBM and Toshiba point-of-sales keypads and keyboards that were developed from and use largely the same mechanisms as the Model M7/M8/M9/M11 family. With a lack of better designation, I'm calling them "M-e" (for Model M extended family) for now.
* Added three new ALPS keyboard icons: NeXT Non-ADB AAE, Sega TeraDrive SM-101 variant and Wang 725-3770.
* Added the option to generate a Model M wallpaper without any POS/retail devices, and an option to generate exclusively POS/retail devices.
* The first of many ALPS/ALPS-mount keyboards have been added as a bonus and the first major expansion of the generation! To begin, 23 icons representing Apple, Dell, Focus, Leading Edge, Magnavox, Northgate and Zenith are available.
* Added new specific type filters for this update (highlighted as Bonus); All (IBM and family + ALPS/ALPS-mount), Non-IBM ALPS/ALPS-mount keyboards only, Old Apple keyboards only, and Focus keyboards only. Due to the new all-encompassing "All" option, the default formerly-All option is now "All (IBM and family only)".
* The replacement of the remove keypads/sub-60% option with the "Specific form factor" field, which allows you to select between all, all minus keypads/sub-60%, keypads/sub-60% only, 60% only, TKL only, full-size only, battlecruiser/battleship only, behemoth (currently, just the two kanji beamers) only
* New options for specific colour tone fields, including industrial only, others only (which includes blue-grey Ambra Ms and Ellipse's silver gray and true red F62s and F77s), and all minus others
* Fixed bug with phone/vertical generation introduced after yesterday's cropping update (whoops)
* Fixed bug with transparency being lost when generating with an image under certain resolutions

* Added many new resolution options for the 3:2/4:3/16:10 peeps out there, including 1024x768, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1650x1050, 1920x1200, 2160x1350 and 2736x1824
* Added option to filter keyboards of a specific colour range/tone from your wallpaper
* Added option to remove keypads and sub-60% keyboards from your wallpaper
* UI updated to categorise the available options
* 4x scaling option is now available.
* Cropping is a bit smarter now. Since the icons themselves are stored at the same set resolution (128x90), resolutions that don't allow for an integer amount of icons (for example, 1920x1080 only allows 7.5 icons at 2x scale on one row) require a crop. Before today, the crop only applied on the right side and thus looked quite ugly. Now, the crop is uniform.
* Custom background colours now added; to use, select "Custom Colour" as your solid background option then click the colour picker button to use
First public release.