This was my first vintage IBM keyboard and now the flagship of my collection. In a way, the performance of this keyboard ensured I got sucked into and stayed with this hobby. So sufficed to say, this keyboard holds great sentimental value! The original terminal-centric legends were largely replaced with a Wheelwriter 6 keycap set recovered from a beyond recoverable keyboard assembly, with some standard PC Enhanced Keyboard keycaps peppered in. The pearl Esc, and pebble Fn, 1u backspace and old-style Windows logo keycaps were from Unicomp. The Ctrl/Enter keycap was from a IBM 3270 PC keyboard of some sort. I presently unsure what exact terminal this keyboard operated with. This keyboard was also featured in my Differences between and classifications of 122-key Model Ms comparison topic.

Original specs/details

Full Name
IBM Command Key Keyboard
Part Number
Model M Type II 122-key Terminal Keyboard
Set 3
Grey coiled fixed DIN (240)
Form Factor
Production Date
Acquisition Date

About this keyboard type

The Type II 122-key Model M Function Key Keyboard was a slight modification over the Type I, simply having underside-accessed flip-out feet instead of side-accessed dual-setting riser-style feet and having a right-angled plastic-jacketed 240-degree pin arranged DIN plug instead of a straight-shaped metal-jacketed one. The front case styling remains the same though, meaning a visual inspection from only the front cannot always distinguish between Type IIs, Type Is or even "F122s". However, a visual inspection from the sides can reveal the difference between a Type II and a Type I or "F122". Type IIs saw use with primarily IBM 3191, 3196, 3197 and 3206 terminals, although they could operate with several others too. Their 24-key function key block could be labelled in either "Cmdxx" or "PFxx" nomenclature like their predecessors.

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