IBM 3115/3125 Revised Operator Console Keyboard

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1973 Q1Model B Type III System/370-compatible Console Keyboard (S370-T3)IBM beam springsMore info on this keyboard

IBM-made 66-key operator console keyboard for the IBM System/370 Models 115 and 125 mainframe computers' 3115 and 3125 (respectively) Operator Consoles. It was partially integrated to the base of the console's CRT display. The keyboard notably had a green "START" key and red "STOP" and "IRPT" keys, and an Operator Control Panel (OCP) with buttons for powering the host system on and off, performing low-level was detected, and an emergency pull to cut power to the host system immediately. There were two versions of 3115/3125 keyboard, and this was the revised one with relatively thin side bezels.


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