IBM 3276/3278/3279 Display Station 87-key Typewriter Keyboard w/ Number Pad & Tab Key

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TheMK#1822 (donated photo)
TheMK#1822 (donated photo)
1983 Q1Model B 3251/3276/3278/3279/8775 87-key Base Keyboard (327X-87)IBM beam springsMore info on this keyboard

RPQ 8K0932

eg, P/N 1745709

IBM-made 87-key [data] typewriter keyboard for IBM 3276 Control Unit Display Station, 3278 Display Station and 3279 Color Display Station. This RPQ 8K0732 variant was intended for US English market and notably has a number pad and tab key instead of "PFxx" or attribute select keys and has a numeric lock.


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