IBM 4704 Display Station Model 400 Administrative Keyboard

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Ellipse @ (permission requested and given)
1983 Q4Model F 4704 Model 400 Administrative Keyboard (4704-400)IBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

Aka, "Model F107"

eg, P/Ns 6020218, 6020219, 6020223, 6020225, 6020227, 6020228, 6020233, 6020236

IBM-made 107-key typewriter-style keyboard for IBM 4704 Model 2 and 3 Display Terminals, components of the IBM 4700 Finance Communication System. This keyboard is the largest of all IBM 4704 keyboards and is essentially a further expanded version of the 62-key IBM 4704-200 Alphameric Keyboard and 77-key IBM 4704-300 Expanded Alphameric Keyboard with 45 and 30 extra keys respectively. All but two of the extra keys are relegendable keys for tailored alphabetic input or programmed functions - the remainder ("Attn" and "Clear") are predefined control keys. The keyboard was intended for administrative personnel. The keyboard's cover is made of zinc and has a volume-adjustable buzzer on the bottom intended to provide an audible alarm to the user on certain system and application program conditions.


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