IBM System 9001 Standard Keyboard

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Engicoder (public domain)
1982 Q2Model F/XT PC Laboratory KeyboardIBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

Aka, IBM Instruments Computer System 9000 Keyboard

eg, P/N 4780898

IBM-made 83-key keyboard for the original IBM Instruments Computer System 9000 laboratory computer model (later known as the IBM System 9001 Bench-Top Computer). It's a variant of the IBM Personal Computer Keyboard that lacks any sort of adjustable feet and has its cable sprouting from the keyboard's lefthand side instead of its rear. It has a black, coiled cable terminating in a 5-pin DIN plug and 4 cork feet to prevent sliding. The "Standard" in the keyboard's name contrasts it with the later IBM System 9002 Hybrid Keyboard.


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