IBM Basic II Keyboard

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1994 Q2"Model A" KeyboardUnspecified, OEM-specific or misc. rubber dome implementation

eg, P/Ns 06H4601, 06H5256, 06H5264, 06H5265, 06H5270, 06H5274, 06H5279, 06H5283, 06H5285, 06H5286, 06H5288, 06H5291, 06H5689, 06H5690, 06H5691, 06H5692

Siam United Hi Tech made 101-key (ANSI), 102-key (ISO) or 104-key (ABNT2) PS/2 compatible keyboard for the budget-orientated IBM PC 100 and 140 series. They were made on behalf of Lexmark for IBM in Thailand and for some reason bare the designation "Model A". They also somewhat resemble members of the Cherry G80-3000 family.


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