Lenovo Fold Mini Keyboard

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Lenovo (used under fair dealing)
2020 Q3Precision ThinkPad Magnetic KeyboardUnspecified, OEM-specific or misc. scissor-switch implementationMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/Ns 4Y41B60251, 5N20Z32884, 5N20Z32885, 5N20Z32886, 5N20Z32887, 5N20Z32888, 5N20Z32889, 5N20Z77423, 5N20Z77424, 5N20Z77425

DongGuan Mae Tay Electronic Co. made 71-key (US English) or 73-key (rest of world) AccuType-style Bluetooth keyboard intended for the Lenovo 20RK/20RL ThinkPad X1 Fold Gen 1 foldable computer. It magnetically attaches to its host device and can be wirelessly charged when folded inside said device, but it can also be charged via Micro-B USB. It has an integrated trackpad and a fabric hoop for holding a digital pen such as the Lenovo Mod Pen or Lenovo Pen Pro.


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