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IBM 6580 Displaywriter Type A Keyboard

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Model B 6580 Displaywriter Type A Keyboard
Possible companies responsible for making this keyboard for the company marketing it.
IBM Italy
The name of the known switching mechanism that lies under this keyboard's keys.
IBM beam springs
Earliest AppearanceEarliest Appearance
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1980 Q2
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Pearl White
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IBM 6580-specific
The keyboard-to-host connection. This is could be a description of a cable (its colour, whether its coiled, whether its detachable, and what connector is at its end) or the name of a wireless technology.
Black straightened-style fixed DA-15 cable
Key CountKey Count
The number of keys that this keyboard originally had.
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Web: https://kuritakey.zone/ibm-displaywriter-6580/
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IBM 6580 Displaywriter Display Station Type A Keyboard Module (96-character variant)
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Variant of a Model B 6580 Displaywriter Type A Keyboard

The IBM Displaywriter System was a family of modular diskette-based word processing systems released in June 1980. It was designed for organisations that required a system capable of creating and editing text and sending and receiving it over communication lines between compatible equipment. It was also designed to run purchasable licensed programs such as spelling aid programs and IBM 3270 data stream emulation to allow the Displaywriter to communicate with IBM host processors. The Displaywriter System consisted of the 6580 Display Station, 6360 Dual Diskette Unit, 6361 Mag Card Unit, 5215 Printer (Selectric-based) or 5218/5228 Printer (printwheel-based). The 6580 Display Station itself consisted of a display module (either 25-line 2,000-character or 66-line 6,600-character), an electronics module and a keyboard module. The 6580 was spiritually replaced by PCs running IBM DisplayWrite software such as the IBM Personal System/2 based Personal Typing System.

The [Type A] IBM Displaywriter Display Station Keyboard Module was a reuse of the year earlier IBM 5253/5254 Display Station Keyboard and likewise was available as a 92-character or 96-character keyboard. The 92-character keyboard had 82 keys which notably had an ANSI-like 2.25-unit left shift key and a "BAE" (large backwards-L) style return key. The 96-character keyboard had 84 keys and had a 1.25-unit left shift key and an "ISO" style return key instead.

The 6580 keyboard overall resembles an enlarged 525X-83 type Model B keyboard design. It has a notable recess above the keys that was used to hold a white or green "Information Card" used for writing down some information about the host Displaywriter Display Station. They had a black cable terminating in a DA-15 plug. Inside, the keyboard had P/N 1165661 speaker that was rated 32Ω, 0.2W and was 2" (~5.1cm) diagonal and 0.75" (~1.9cm) deep. This speaker was likely used to simulate a clicker (a solenoid in other Model B keyboards) that would provide increased audible cues for typing. This keyboard is retroactively known as "Type A" by IBM as they released a slimmer Model F "Type B" version of the keyboard by 1982.