P/N 8529401 - Model F Keyboard Details & Specs

IBM 5324 System/23 Datamaster Keyboard

A designation from my own type naming scheme used to categorise this keyboard with or from others by their common features and market intent but may/may not be derived from official names.
Model F 5324 Floortop Keyboard
A [keyboard enthusiast] community given name for this keyboard. It can be a shortening of its name and properties, a more abstract term, a real-life reference, or metonymy.
Possible companies responsible for making this keyboard for the company marketing it.
The name of the known switching mechanism that lies under this keyboard's keys.
IBM capacitive buckling springs
Earliest AppearanceEarliest Appearance
The year (and possibly the quarter) that this keyboard part number was introduced, first observed, first recorded or the first example found.
1981 Q3
Original KeycapsOriginal Keycaps
The keyboard's original keycaps' material and text/symbol printing technique.
PBT with dye-sublimated legends
Casing ColourCasing Colour
The original colour of this keyboard's outer casing. For keyboards whose casing materials are known to yellow, this will refer to the original colour before such transformation occurs.
Pearl White
The possible branding and logo styles found on this keyboard part number. This could be multiple styles at once or possible styles found over time.
IBM silver square badge
The style of this keyboard's flip-out or extendable feet. If applicable, this may also state how many levels of height adjustment are available and whether the feet could be rubberised.
Single-setting riser feet
Key CountKey Count
The number of keys that this keyboard originally had.
Documents ("Doc"), websites and/or webpages ("Web") that were used as a source of information for this keyboard part number. Examples of this keyboard part number I own ("ASK") will also be included as sources.
Web: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129328866@N04/albums/72157649745488066
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The IBM System/23 Datamaster Floortop Keyboard was amongst the first buckling spring keyboards, released by IBM in July 1981 alongside the Desktop variant. The Floortop variant was a discreet keyboard module for the IBM 5324 unlike the integrated 5322's Desktop variant. Its physical assembly would be reused only a month later for the IBM 5150 Personal Computer's keyboard (the Model F/XT). The System/23 didn't sell as well as the IBM PC, thus these are quite rare and its host computer is very expensive.