IBM 5324 System/23 Datamaster Floortop Keyboard Module

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C. Hurlbut (permission requested and given)
1982 Q1Model F 5324 Floortop KeyboardIBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/N 8529401

IBM-made 83-key discrete keyboard for the IBM System/23 Datamaster (IBM 5324 "floor-top" variant). This version of the Datamaster and this keyboard were announced later than its 5322 integrated counterparts. The keyboard resembles the slightly earlier IBM 5291/5292 Display Station Keyboard with its large bezels (compared to the IBM Personal Computer Keyboard) but is larger still and only has one adjustable riser feet size. The layout is derived from that of the IBM 5251/5252 Typewriter Keyboard but makes minor tweaks to establish the true XT-style physical layout.


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