Original specs/details

Full Name
IBM Enhanced Keyboard
Part Number
Market Model Name/Feature Code
IBM scancode set 2
Grey coiled-style detachable SDL to PS/2 mini-DIN or Grey straightened-style fixed PS/2 mini-DIN cable
Form Factor
Production Date
Acquisition Date

About this keyboard type

The PC-compatible IBM Enhanced Keyboard was the first home consumer, most common and the definitive Model M keyboard, becoming IBM's choice keyboard for a decade after its release and still in production today as the Unicomp Classic. Labelled as being "enhanced" in regards to its layout that became an industry standard and is still used today (with the addition of GUI keys), the Model M is perhaps the most well-known keyboard of all time thanks to the success of the Enhanced Keyboard. The Enhanced Keyboard was also made available for IBM's earlier "classic" Personal Computer series in both XT and AT flavours, and several other distinct variants exist for other types of systems and custom orders from third-party companies such Ambra/ICPI, Dell, General Electric Healthcare and Sabre.