This keyboard was one of two M13s featured in the M13: Lexmark versus Unicomp article. This keyboard is pretty interesting simply for the fact it's a very late (and non-point of sales) IBM Model M. My best guess is that this keyboard was made by Unicomp for IBM as a replacement for dead original M13s. I decided to go with an overall blue theme for this keyboard due to the lock-lights IBM logo and icons; the blue keycaps are Unicomp's blue ANSI color printed key set and the blue nub cap is a generic Dell-blue textured pointing stick cap.

Original specs/details

Full Name
IBM Enhanced Keyboard with Pointing Stick
Part Number
Model M13 FSR Keyboard
Set 2/AT
White straight fixed dual PS/2
Form Factor
Built-In Mouse
16mm Trackball
Production Date
Acquisition Date

About this keyboard type

The Unicomp On-The-Stick (also known as the Unicomp Pointing Stick Keyboard) was the continuation of Model M13 production after Lexmark and Maxi Switch had finished producing them. Whilst outwardly similar to the former OEMs' M13s, the On-The-Sticks had three major differences underneath; the replacement of TrackPoint II with their own FSR technology, improved tactility on the mouse buttons, and the passthrough PS/2 mouse port on the back became optional. Until about 2004, IBM continued to have Unicomp produce new M13s for them based on the On-The-Stick revision. The M13 line finally exited production around 2009, where it was succeeded by the Unicomp EnduraPro that was originally a bezel-reduced compacted alternative to it.

Typing demo