Original specs/details

Full Name IBM Keyboard with Integrated Pointing Device USB
Part NumberPart Number
The number used to describe this keyboard's specific release; usually specific for a target region, language or SKU, etc.
Market Model Name/Feature CodeMarket Model Name/Feature Code
The consumer-friendly model number describing this keyboard as a part of a range of products, usually irrespective of target region, language or SKU.
A designation from my own type naming scheme used to categorise this keyboard with or from others by their common features and market intent but may/may not be derived from official names.
SK-8840/SK-8845/SK-8845RC ThinkPad-style Keyboard
The name of the known switching mechanism that lies under this keyboard's keys.
LITE-ON SK-8835/SK-884x type scissor-stabilised rubber domes
The style of this keyboard's flip-out or extendable feet. If applicable, this may also state how many levels of height adjustment are available and whether the feet could be rubberised.
Dual-setting flip-out feet
The protocol(s) this keyboard can use to speak to the host computer (eg, scancode sets).
The keyboard-to-host connection. This is could be a description of a cable (its colour, whether its coiled, whether its detachable, and what connector is at its end) or the name of a wireless technology.
Black straightened-style fixed Type A USB cable
Form FactorForm Factor
The standardised or universally acknowledged name for this keyboard's layout form factor.
Tenkeyless (compacted)
Built-In MouseBuilt-In Mouse
Possible pointing devices this keyboard could carry. This could be a brand name, name of the sensor technology behind it, or a generic description in lieu of the former details.
Synaptics TouchStyk FSC pointing stick & TrackPad UltraNav
Production Date 2013-04-24
Acquisition Date 2021-03-07

About this keyboard type

The SK-8840, SK-8845 and SK-8845RC were the most common members of the LITE-ON produced SK-8835/SK-884x ThinkPad-style keyboard family. The SK-8840 and SK-8845 were both introduced in 2004 as the PS/2 and USB version (respectively) of the same design. The SK-8845RC was released by 2010 and was a variant of the SK-8845 with a longer USB cable. All three made use of the Synaptics TouchStyk pointing stick and Synaptics TouchPad trackpad. Market names include IBM PS/2 Travel Keyboard with UltraNav (SK-8840), IBM USB Travel Keyboard with UltraNav, IBM USB Travel Keyboard Option (SK-8845), IBM UltraNav USB Keyboard or IBM Keyboard with Integrated Pointing Device USB (SK-8845RC).