Original specs/details

Full Name Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand
Part NumberPart Number
The number used to describe this keyboard's specific release; usually specific for a target region, language or SKU, etc.
Market Model Name/Feature CodeMarket Model Name/Feature Code
The consumer-friendly model number describing this keyboard as a part of a range of products, usually irrespective of target region, language or SKU.
A designation from my own type naming scheme used to categorise this keyboard with or from others by their common features and market intent but may/may not be derived from official names.
Precision ThinkPad Optical TrackPoint Tablet Keyboard
The name of the known switching mechanism that lies under this keyboard's keys.
Lenovo ThinkPad AccuType/Precision scissor-stabilised rubber domes (misc. OEM)
The keyboard-to-host connection. This is could be a description of a cable (its colour, whether its coiled, whether its detachable, and what connector is at its end) or the name of a wireless technology.
Built-In MouseBuilt-In Mouse
Possible pointing devices this keyboard could carry. This could be a brand name, name of the sensor technology behind it, or a generic description in lieu of the former details.
Lenovo Optical TrackPoint
Production Date 2018
Acquisition Date 2019-01-07

About this keyboard type

The Optical TrackPoint variant of the AccuType ThinkPad Keyboard was a slightly condensed and reduced key travel version of the standard AccuType keyboard used specifically by 2011's Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Keyboard Folio Case and 2013's Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand. This variant was not well received, thus the design was abandoned after the 2013 keyboard exited production.