Lexmark Host Connected Keyboard

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T. Pershing (donated photos)
T. Pershing (donated photos)
1995Model M Type IV 122-key Host Connected Converged KeyboardIBM membrane buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/N 1369986

Lexmark-made and self-branded 122-key host-connected (terminal emulator) keyboard presumably for PC/AT and PS/2 compatible computers running IBM 3270 compatible terminal emulation software. Like IBM PS/2 Host Connected Keyboards, this one has various blue sublegends to differentiate (most) PC-only functions from terminal/universal ones, but this also has several green sublegends including for some PC-only functions. These had a modular SDL to PS/2 cable.


ASK. Admiral Shark's Keyboards original content. License/note: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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