Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 Thin Keyboard

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Lenovo (used under fair dealing)
2018 Q1Precision ThinkPad Tablet USB KeyboardUnspecified, OEM-specific or misc. scissor-switch implementationMore info on this keyboard

Model TP00089K1

eg, P/Ns 02HL150, 02HL151, 02HL152, 02HL153, 02HL154, 02HL155, 02HL159, 02HL160, 02HL161, 02HL166, 02HL168, 02HL174, 02HL175, 02HL176, 02HL177, 02HL178, 02HL183

Chicony-made 84-key (ANSI), 85-key (ISO) or 89-key (JIS) Precision-style portfolio keyboard intended for the Lenovo 20KJ/20KK ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3. It magnetically attaches to its host device and connects via a 6-pin Pogo-based USB interface. It has an UltraNav consisting of a TrackPoint IV pointing stick and a standard trackpad. It also has backlighting.


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