IBM ThinkPad 750-series Keyboard Assembly

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1993 Q3Model M6-1 Type V Laptop Keyboard AssemblyIBM buckling rubber sleeves (M6 slider-actuated type)More info on this keyboard

Grey variant

eg, P/N 66G0152

Lexmark-made 86-key keyboard assembly for the grey versions of IBM 9545 ThinkPad 750 series notebook laptops, which were known to be sold in France and Germany. It has an integrated TrackPoint II pointing stick with two mouse buttons that were distinct for being thin and entirely red. The keyboard is the same as any other 9545 keyboard despite being grey. As such, its layout was still based on the ThinkPad 700, 720 and PS/55note C52 design but with an added function ("Fn") key. The keyboard assembly is also a hinged module that can be lifted to provide access to the host laptop's components. It has light grey modifier, lock and utility key legends and overlay numeric keypad legends.


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