IBM 4980 Display Station Typewriter Keyboard

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Wazrach (permission to use given)
1983 Q3Model F 4980 127-key Typewriter KeyboardIBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/N 4178208

IBM-made 127-key typewriter keyboard for the IBM 4980 Display Station, a terminal for IBM Series/1 minicomputers that was functionally similar to the earlier IBM 4978 Display Station. It was the first "battleship"-sized Model F (Converged Keyboard) to make it to market. Its 24-key function key bank has "PFxx" nomenclature legends with PF1 to PF12 keys arranged as the top row instead of the typical bottom row. It's also notable for having several relegendable keys and a "00" key in its numeric keypad area, split and stepped right shift key, a 1.25-unit return key and a 1-unit backspace key.


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