IBM PS/55note N27sx Keyboard Assembly

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1992 Q1Model M6 Type I Laptop Keyboard AssemblyIBM buckling rubber sleeves (M6 slider-actuated type)More info on this keyboard

eg, P/N 1398299

89-key keyboard assembly for the Japanese-exclusive IBM 5527 PS/55note N27sx portable computer, a variant of the IBM 8554 PS/2 CL57SX. Whilst the host laptop has a trackball present, it is a separate assembly that is not attached to the keyboard. It retains most of the CL57SX's layout but besides the added Japanese-centric keys, it has enlarged Ctrl and Enter keys, reduced right-side navigation key sizes, and several other key unit size reductions. It has golden modifier, lock and utility key legends and an overlay numeric keypad with vibrant blue legends. Along with the CL57SX keyboard, the N27sx keyboard is currently tied for the earliest known IBM Model M6 family keyboard assembly.


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