IBM 3205 Color Display Console Keyboard Unit

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jugostran (donated photo)
jugostran (donated photo)
1984 Q1Model F 3205 122-key Console Converged KeyboardIBM capacitive buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

eg, P/Ns 1385082, 1385490, 1385492, 1385494, 1385495, 1385497, 1385498, 1385499, 1385503, 1385504

IBM-made 122-key (most) or 124-key (Japanese Katakana) operator console keyboard for the IBM 3270 lineage IBM 3205 Color Display Console, a console for the System/370 compatible IBM 4361 and 4381 Processors. The keyboard notably had a green "START" key and a yellow "STOP" key. Its 24-key function key bank has "PFxx" nomenclature legends.


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  1. Jugostran#2852 - donated photos.