P/N 92F6290

IBM Modifiable Layout Keyboard

Market Model Name/Feature Code
Model M11 POS MSR Key Array
Maxi Switch, XAC
IBM/Toshiba POS rubber domes
Earliest Appearance
1993 Q2
Casing Colour
RS485 over POS SDL
Additional Notes
Made for the IBM 4694 POS System and later reused with the SurePOS 700 Series, had an original MSRP of $645 USD in 1993

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Variant of a Model M11 POS MSR Key Array

The IBM Modifiable Layout Keyboard was one of five Model M POS input devices introduced with the IBM 4694 POS Terminal in June 1993. The Model M11 is a variant of the Model M9 ANPOS MSR Keyboard entirely constructed of single-unit relegendable keycaps excluding the dedicated numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard and the Ctrl key located on the top-left most key. The M11 can be configured for entirely functional use or as an ortholinear alphanumeric keyboard.