This keyboard originally came into my possession with worn case texture and a yellowed set of Unicomp's sparkly blue-grey keycaps with IBM 5250 US English legends. The keyboard has been partially restored with a brand-new Unicomp PC-122 case (original lock-light overlay also transferred to the new case) and a combination of Unicomp's pearl/pebble US and 3270 PC keycap sets, and several UK ISO and custom (Fn and 1u backspace) keycaps. I plan to purchase and install a more authentic grey 5250 keycap set at the earliest convenience. This keyboard was also featured in my Differences between and classifications of 122-key Model Ms comparison topic.

Original specs/details

Full Name
Affirmative Computer Products 5250 Emulation Keyboard
Part Number
Market Model Name/Feature Code
Model M Type IV 122-key Terminal Emulator Keyboard
Set 2/AT
Black coiled fixed PS/2
Form Factor
Production Date
Acquisition Date

About this keyboard type

The Type IV 122-key Model M Function Key Keyboard is a version of the Type III designed to be natively compatible with PCs to serve in terminal emulation roles. Officially called the IBM Personal System/2 Host Connected Keyboard, Type IVs were relatively rare but for a long time were the only 122-key Model Ms easily capable of modern usage until Soarer's Converter became widespread. Visually, Type IVs look like Type IIIs except all IBM-branded versions had lock-light LEDs as standard and come with modular SDL connections capable of accepting an AT or PS/2 plug cable. IBM also started a practice producing Type IVs under third-party branding to companies that offer terminal emulation services, which Unicomp continues to do to this day. Unicomp also produces a version of the Type IV for consumer usage called the Unicomp PC-122. Like the Type IIIs, the 24-key function key block was only labelled with an "Fxx" nomenclature.