IBM 5251/5252 Display Station Typewriter Keyboard

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1977Model B 5251/5252 Typewriter Keyboard (525X-83)IBM beam springsMore info on this keyboard

IBM-made 83-key (most) or 85-key (Katakana and Hebrew) typewriter keyboard for the IBM 5251 Display Station and 5252 Dual Display Station, the inaugural terminals of the IBM 5250 family for IBM's midrange computers. The keyboard is a lot more common than its 66-key data entry counterpart and introduced the 5250-style typewriter physical and functional keyboard layouts that would later prove influential for future terminal and early IBM PC keyboards. They had an internal solenoid clicker assembly and a cut-out above the keys to hold a template for writing down the names of functions assigned to various keys. They had a short, grey cable terminating in a female DB-25 plug.


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