IBM ThinkPad 750-series, 755C-series & 370C Keyboard Assembly

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1993 Q3Model M6-1 Type V Laptop Keyboard AssemblyIBM buckling rubber sleeves (M6 slider-actuated type)More info on this keyboard

Standard raven black variant

eg, P/Ns 39H4027, 66G0120, 66G0121, 66G0126, 66G0154, 66G0159, 66G0163, 66G0165, 66G0168, 66G0169, 66G0171, 66G6402

Lexmark or Key Tronic made 85-key (ANSI), 86-key (ISO) or 90-key (JIS) keyboard assembly originally for the IBM 9545 ThinkPad 750 series and later reused for the IBM 9545 ThinkPad 755C and 755Cs, and IBM 9545 ThinkPad 370C notebook laptops. It has an integrated TrackPoint II pointing stick with two mouse buttons that were distinct for being thin and entirely red. The 9545 keyboard's layout is based on the ThinkPad 700, 720 and PS/55note C52 design but with an added function ("Fn") key and the Japanese version likewise has its arrow keys moved to in between the right Alt and Ctrl keys. The keyboard assembly is also now a hinged module that can be lifted to provide access to the host laptop's components. It has golden modifier, lock and utility key legends and an overlay numeric keypad with dull blue legends. The 9545 keyboard design is the same as the later IBM ThinkPad 355-series & 360 series Keyboard Assembly.


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