IBM Personal System/2 Host Connected Keyboard

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WorthPoint (used under fair dealing)
1990Model M Type IV 122-key Host Connected Converged KeyboardIBM membrane buckling springsMore info on this keyboard

W/ IBM grey oval badge

eg, P/Ns 1396900, 1396901, 1396908, 1396910, 1396911, 1396990, 1397000, 1397003

IBM-made 122-key host-connected (terminal emulator) keyboard for IBM PS/2 and later PCs that were eligible for the IBM Select-A-Keyboard scheme. It was originally intended for IBM PCs running IBM Personal Communications/3270 Version 2.0 or IBM PC 3270 Emulation Program Entry Level 2.0 software. These had a modular SDL to PS/2 cable.


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