IBM ThinkPad 350-series & PS/note 425-series Keyboard Assembly

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1993 Q2Model M6 Type II Laptop Keyboard AssemblyIBM buckling rubber sleeves (M6 slider-actuated type)More info on this keyboard

eg, P/Ns 59G7569, 60G1653, 60G1753, 60G1793, 60G1794, 60G1795, 60G1796, 60G1797, 60G1798, 60G1799

Lexmark-made 85-key (ANSI) or 85-key (ISO) keyboard assembly for the IBM 2618 ThinkPad 350-series and PS/note 425-series notebook laptops. It is directly derived from the IBM PS/note 182-series Keyboard Assembly but adds an integrated TrackPoint II pointing stick and two mouse buttons to the design. It has golden modifier, lock and utility key legends and an overlay numeric keypad with vibrant blue legends.


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