IBM 8775 Display Terminal 87-key EBCDIC Typewriter/Text Entry and Edit Keyboard

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photekq (donated photo)
photekq (donated photo)
1982 Q2Model B 3251/3276/3278/3279/8775 87-key Base Keyboard (327X-87)IBM beam springsMore info on this keyboard

Feature no. 4670

eg, P/N 5147351

IBM-made 87-key typewriter-like keyboard for the IBM 8775 Display Terminal (a terminal for the IBM 8100 Information System that supported IBM 3270 datastreams over serial instead of coax). This feature number 4670 keyboard was introduced late for a Model B keyboard variant and was intended for IBM 8775s running Interactive Display Text Facility (IDTF, a licensed program that enabled the host terminal to be used in both data and text applications). On top of the base IBM Base Keyboard/3270 typewriter-style layout, this keyboard had various application-specific green front-printed legends and special numeric keypad keycaps designed to hold a reversible overlay card in place. On one side of this overlay card were the standard program-function key assignments, and on the other were functions that apply when the 8775 is used with the IDTF program. Typical for a 327X-87 type Model B is the keyboard's internal clicker assembly and palm-rest compartment for documentation.


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