The Content


Articles are my research, teardown and review type publications. The contents included on these pages are a mixture of known facts, observations I made, and my opinion on devices or topics in question.


Topics of interest are pure knowledge listings and articles for a specific topic like common questions, jargon-busting, plug and internal connections, notable external sites and pages, and recognised distinct keyboard types. The vast majority of these pages are purely factual with little opinion mixed in.

Buyer's Guide

This buyer's guide is a collection of resources I've prepared to help those new in the hobby with making decisions, knowing what to look and look out for, and where they can find good deals. It's aimed primarily at Model F and Model M buckling spring keyboards at present.

General Guides

These guides are tutorial pieces designed to help with a particular situation, desire or problem. The focus is generally niché issues not widely described or solved elsewhere.


Gists are my looser and more opinion-based articles written without the grandeur of my proper articles above. Whilst still on the topic of keyboards and may still have factual merit inside, the specific topics of discussion are likely less clear-cut and people will have many differing opinions.